Dear Women Series |Importance

Hello, and welcome to the “Dear Women” segment of SimplicitCi.

On this segment of “Dear Women” I wanted to talk about importance.

When it comes to being a woman things can be difficult. As time goes on, the things that were once considered “important” starts to change, life shifts and outtings that we once enjoyed are no longer enjoyable. Regardless of what life is throwing at you, it is very important to take care of yourself in every way, shape and form. Image result for important gifIn the black community women are shunned for numerous things such as going out while being in a relationship and being selfish with self care. First off, I would like to let you know that regardless of who’s saying what, do what makes you happy. As a woman we seem to fall into a deep hole (especially after a relationship) hiding from the world around us. And we shouldn’t have to! We get soooooo involved with catering to someone else that we sometimes (or intentionally)  give up on catering to ourselves. We forget to make our nail appointments or we skip going shopping with friends because we’ve invested so much into this person. Being with someone should allow you to invest into yourself AND into the relationship. Spending too much time around someone could be detrimental to the relationship and to your mental health. Plus, everyone needs a break from one another every here and there.

Now, I have a question for YOU!

Is it that we forget what our lives was like before this person came into the picture?

Image result for thinking gif

You have every right to be selfish when it comes to self care! You have every right to buy that bag, take that picture, wear that outfit and make that appointment! I believe that as women, we also forget how important it is to have friends while being in a relationship. Why leave behind people that was always there regardless of the circumstances? Sometimes relationships just don’t work out and you’ll yearn to have that one friend back. Never burn that bridge because when something happens you’ll need a shoulder to cry on. Family and friends will always be there as a form of support so be sure to keep them close!

NEVER forget who you were prior to the relationship.

Just become a BETTER you!

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20 thoughts on “Dear Women Series |Importance

  1. I love this. It’s super important to love yourself THEN love someone else. If your significant other can’t understand this…I don’t believe he truly loves you. I believe true love is helping them evolve into what they desire to be. Not restricting them from being the best person they can. I love this bestie!!!!

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  2. I am guilty of putting myself last. I take care of a million jobs and forget that I too have needs that have to be met. I should start making some changes around here before I just drop dead from pure exhaustion.

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    1. I think we all forget sometimes. You should definitely have some “you time”. It’s essential to your wellbeing. You’ll feel like you can accomplish everything after making that appointment once a week or every other week. No one will take care of you like you! And I think that us women sometimes forget that.


  3. Self care is a very important and debated issue at the moment. Some people don’t get it and think that it means going to the hairdressers each week etc……..Self care is taking care of your emotional and mental health and if that means going to the hairdressers each week well then that’s great. Women being the natural nurturers in our society have traditionally always put family and loved ones first….Time to give back now to ourselves. Nice article!.

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    1. Thank you so much! Self care is essential to being the best women we can be. For me self care is keeping up with my nails + hair appointments and taking my vitamins 😃


  4. Talk about friends who forget about you once they’re in a relationship. Mine messaged me after 5 years just because him and his partner broke up. I felt a bit hurt but I’d be more hurt if I ignored him.

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    1. Sometimes you have to let people be. Ask much as it may hurt to feel like your abandoning someone, you’ll end up hurting yourself even more by allowing them to constantly show their true colors. Let him be sis!


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