All About My New Piercings [Day 1]


Yesterday I went to Infinite Body in Philadelphia to get two new piercings. I want to tell you all about my experience with getting them done, what I got, pricing and who did them. Before reading along don’t forget to subscribe/follow in the right hand corner >>
The first piercing I got was my nostril and  the second was my septum. Yes my septum! My septum was long over due. Initially I was going to get my septum last year but I ended up getting my medusa which fell out two weeks ago and closed. Before I get any piercing I research blogs and YouTube to see different opinions and experiences so I can know what to expect.

Once I entered infinite body they had an amazing selection of jewelry for any and every piercing. They have 14k gold pieces and all of their piercings are internally threaded (nostril, septum) which means that the balls or jewelry screws inside of the post. Its easier to change the jewelry due to you only having to unscrew the jewelry while the entire post is still in the piercing. It’s also more secure due to internally threaded jewelry screwing six times verses three times with externally threaded which is what most people get. Another thing you have to think about is the price. Internally threaded jewelry costs more than externally due to them using different materials verses stainless steel.
The jewelry that I purchased is neometal and the jewelry on my nose stud is a yellow gold diamond stud. When purchasing I had to pay for the piercing itself, the post, internally threaded balls for my septum and the yellow gold diamond stud on my nose which came up to $170 total.

All About My Nostril.

My piercer was Zach and he made me feel really safe with him piercing me. The first thing that anyone piercing should do is wash their hands in front of you. After he washed his hands and put his gloves on he got antibacterial soap and qtips to clean around my nose, on my nose and inside of my nose. He then placed a dot on my nose for my nostril piercing and asked me to see if that’s the spot I wanted it at. Three years ago I had my nose pierced so he could still see where the initial dot was. That was where he suggested me to get the new piercing so that I wouldn’t have two holes in one nostril.He used a retainer to pierce through my nose which guarantees that your piercing will be straight. Next he placed the actual needle through then placed the post for my nostril on the end of the needle and pulled the needle itself out. There was absolutely no blood. The next thing he did was placed the jewelry on and my nostril was done 😀

All About My Septum.

When it came to my septum I was very nervous. I had no idea what to expect or what I would look like due to me never having a septum or faux septum to try out. Zach basically examined the inside of my nose to find my sweet spot. The sweet spot if the thin layer between the cartilage in your nose and the end of your nose. My sweet spot if higher up inside of my nose which means that my jewelry will hang a little more then someone that has a low sweet spot. He felt in my nose with his two fingers and then followed by using a fresh retainer which is basically a metal looking piece that goes through both sides of the piercing. He then followed by poking from one side to another with the retainer to make sure he would be piercing through the thin layer in my nose. Once he was sure that that was my sweet spot he told me to “breathe in, breathe out” when I breathed out he stuck the needle through my nose which felt extremely weird but I’ve had my lip and nose done before so it was the same process. After piercing through my sweet spot he connected the barbell through the needle and pulled it through then connected the balls which took a few minute because of my balls being extremely stubborn. Everything was done and finalized! He cleaned off my nose one more time then sent me on my way to pay.

My Septum Experience, Cleaning and Feeling afterwards. 

After everything was done and over with my nose felt like it was punched. It is not too bad of a feeling if you’ve ever experienced a nose punch you know what it feels like lol. It sting for awhile but my eyes did not water when he pierced my septum like most people were saying. My eyes watered when he pierced my nostril which was weird to me.I guess my body was like “The anxiety is gone, you’re a G!”. I did have a headache the entire day but I think that was because of me not eating much. Later yesterday night before bed I used sea salt and hot water to clean my nose piercings. Sea salt is always recommended when it comes to cleaning do not use any type of alcohol or soaps that are not antibacterial. You WILL cause your piercing to break out if you use those which would suck.I use little cups (or containers) that restaurants use to put sauces in, to soak my piercings. I soaked them for around one or two minutes and the water turned pinkish red due to the blood that was under my nostril piercing. I followed with a qtip dipped in warm sea salt water to thoroughly clean under both piercings removing any extra “crustys”. This morning when I woke up my nose feels regular. I can touch the tip of my nose and up my bridge without having any pain. I hope that I answered all of your questions! If you have any unanswered questions feel free to ask them below.


Thanks for stopping by! xoxo, I will keep you updated



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