All About My New Piercings [Day 1]


Yesterday I went to Infinite Body in Philadelphia to get two new piercings. I want to tell you all about my experience with getting them done, what I got, pricing and who did them. Before reading along don’t forget to subscribe/follow in the right hand corner >> Continue reading


DIY Makeup Remover

Today’s blog is a DIY makeup remover for anyone that dislikes spending unnecessary money. Before reading make sure you follow my  blog to get future notifications. 🙂

Every once in awhile I run out of makeup remover. It’s around 9pm and Sephora is closed or I have no money to buy a new remover. I’ve been making a DIY makeup remover that works better then some makeup removers and cost less. I love being able to save money when I can. What I’ve been using is organic coconut oil from the grocery store and Johnson’s baby shampoo. Usually when I use my makeup remover from Sephora some of the makeup ends up in my pores even tho my skin looks clean which causes breakouts.

Take a teaspoon of coconut oil with a hot spoon and place it into your palm. Follow with a few drops of baby shampoo and mix them together into a paste. Rub the paste onto your face in circular motion and rinse. It removes matte lipsticks and even mascara. Repeat this twice and use a warm rag to wipe your face off. It leaves your skin smooth and helps your skin look healthy. I also use a Formula.10.0.6 mask to clean out my pores further.

That’s all for this blog but if you have any questions feel free to ask. Dont forget to follow my social media’s on the side and subscribe. xoxo I hope that this helps.

Acne Prone Skin and Holy Grails


For those that follow me on snap chat you know that I’ve been testing new skin products and talking about my breakouts. I’ve recently found some products that’s been keeping my skin under control (to  a certain extinct).

Normally I have very sensitive, oily and scarred skin with small patches of dry skin. I would normally wash my face and moisturize then go about my day. On a recent haul to Ulta I picked up four items from Formula 10.0.6 while they were buy one get one 50% off. I was able to get my hands on three mask treatments and salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is good for acne and maintaining a flawless surface so this is one of the items I was so hyped to have.

Salicylic acid comes in a clear bottle with orange color. They also have one for sensitive skin but I have extremely sensitive skin and I have no problems using this. I take a cotton ball and clean all over my problem areas with the salicylic acid and it works well for cleaning your pores. It’s supposed to be a deep pore cleaner and it works as such. You’ll immediately see little results in your skin.

Another product that I’ve been using is Formula.10.0.6 mud mask, exfoliate and gel mask . Each of them have a different smell which ranges from coconut, strawberries, yarrow and jojoba. I usually put the mask on after cleaning my pores and let it sit for 15-25 minutes before washing it off with warm water. It helps the texture of my skin and smells delicious. Shea Moisture’s Acne Prone African Black Soap is my holy grail because it has reduced the appearance of dark spots. They aren’t completely gone but they have faded a bit. I’ve used the soap almost everyday but my skin was becoming very dry so try using it every other day. The great thing about all of these products is that they are affordable. Formula 10.0.6 ranges from $4-$8 and the soap is priced differently depending on where you purchase it from but it should never be more than $7.00. The link to the products are below. These products are helping reduce the breakouts but I still have them! If you’re looking for a balance try these items and let me know what happens. xox


All About The Hair. The Big Chop/Transition

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Hey y’all! To start of, welcomeeeeeee to my blog! Today’s blog is all about my hair transition. Before I decided to cut my hair I was searching all over for YouTube videos and blog posts that went into depth about the pro’s and con’s of short hair. I was not able to find many videos/blogs that answered all of my questions so hopefully this blog post will answer all of those questions.

The first thing that was concerning to me when making my decision was getting a relaxer or staying natural? I’ve been natural since I hit my preteens so it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a perm.I loved my long hair but it wasn’t much to do with it. Every 2wks-month I was in the shop getting a press and curl which became boring after awhile. I wanted something new. You would think you’d be more versatile with long hair but for me that wasn’t the case so I decided to cut it. While getting my cut and relaxer the color of my hair was burgundy. I went from the blonde above to cherry red and then burgundy attempting to rinse it black. Once the hairstylist put my relaxer in my color lifted from burgundy to BLONDE! The lady was so confused once my color started lifting which caused me to spend more money out of pocket. I had the option to let the color lift on the sides (which was where I originally permed my hair) or to let her dye my entire head black. No one wants to walk outside with two/three different hair colors so I decided to dye it back to black.

When everything was done and over with I originally hated my short cut. I kept asking myself “why did I cut my hair?!”.  I regretted it but it was too late. All of my hair (or most) was being swept into the trash can. I went home and brushed every last curl out basically wasting the $100 dollars I paid to get it done. It took me weeks to feel “ok” with my decision and my mom was against the whole cutting process so she wasn’t any help for awhile.I eventually shaved the back of my nape due to the hair lifting up so quickly. Once I shaved the hair from my neck I felt more confident with my decision. Ever since I changed stylists I’ve felt sexier. She knew what she was doing and I feel like the initial person I went to did not. I have a older stylist now but my initial stylist was a younger girl that had her own salon. Younger people normally focus more on weaves and braiding then shorter cuts so that was my mistake. I found the first stylist on instagram which was my first mistake. She had did a previous cut so I figured she knew what she was doing. Before getting a cut search around your area before traveling way out. If I knew about my current stylist when I decided to cut my hair I could’ve saved roughly $30.

Enough of my story… Let’s get into answering the questions.

  1. Should you get a perm or stay natural? : I feel that you should only perm your hair if you plan on going really short like me. I only permed my sides which are short and kept the top natural. The reason why I kept the top natural was due to it being long enough to press out.
  2. How long does styles typically last? : For me, my hair normally lasts a couple days before the curls drop. With longer hair you can wrap it up or pin curl for the curls to last but with shorter hair it requires a little more attention.
  3. Are there difficulties staying natural while short? : In my opinion yes. If I wanted to slick my hair once the curls dropped it would not lay right due to my hair being my natural texture.
  4. How often do you cut? : I normally cut every 3wks when I have a hair appointment. Once you cut it you wont be able to stop. I think i’ll be bald before you know it. Lol
  5. How often do you perm your hair? : I permed my hair for the second time after 3 months. I stretched my relaxer by slicking my hair down the best way that I could.
  6. What should I expect? : You should expect that your hair is not going to lay right right away. You have to train your hair to lay just like you train it to press. You should expect to not love your cut right away. I did not love my cut but I love it now. Have some fun with colors and different type of cuts. You’ll eventually find something that works for you. It’s just hair that’ll grow back. Don’t be afraid.

Those were all of the questions that no one went into depth about so I hope that this blog post has helped anyone struggling with their hair journey. If you have any questions that I forgot to answer please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading this post and enjoy the rest of your day! Dont forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at SimplicitCi. Check out my youtube for makeup tutorials at Simplicit Ci and follow me on snapchat at ThaRealYannie. Hugs and kisses!